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From tackling personal decisions to reaching important milestones, Renee's job is to guide you through a trying time.

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Recently retired following a distinguished career in Financial Services, Renee worked at Citigroup and served as Director and Senior Group Manager in Operations & Technology Control and Reporting within the Institutional Clients Group (ICG). As head of the Business Office, she managed a budget of $100 million.

Renee began her tenure at Citi in 1982 as an Assistant Vice President for Citibank's North American Investment Bank. She served as an Assistant Vice President for Lehman Brothers from 1987 until 2007, working in various expense management and financial reporting capacities.


While working as a Vice President at Credit-Suisse, she implemented a New Business Development Process throughout NAM Operations. Renee began her financial career in 1980 at Touche Ross and Co., predecessor to Deloitte.


She was an active member of ICG O&T Women and People Strategy Committee focusing on diversity, employee advocacy and mentoring. She also served as one of the chairs of the Developing Talent Program for 2 years and Co-Founded the Women's Risk Network.

What You'll Gain

Renee Litinger offers a variety of services to her clients, customized to fit their specific needs. Are you feeling overwhelmed about your finances? Do you need to help your children through school? Are you wondering if you should sell your house? No matter what your needs are, count on Renee to provide you guidance every step of the way.


Get the help you need to navigate a critical financial time in your life. Renee will:
• Interpret and explain your financial statements
• Organize your financial files
• Develop your bill paying schedule
• Monitor your monthly spending


Count on Renee to help you become self-sufficient and make intelligent decisions. Renee will:
• Establish achievable and intelligent financial goals
• Analyze expenses to optimize your lifestyle needs
• Teach you the tools needed to manage your finances


As someone with similar experience, Renee can watch out for you during an extremely vulnerable period. Renee will:

• "Hold your hand" from initial decision making to maintenance of your ongoing finances
• Review any upcoming significant expenses
• Be mindful of your family's long-term interests


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Fundamental Financial Management for Women

One-on-one guidance for the

divorced, widowed or separated woman

during a period of emotional turmoil

When she was a young mother of three, Renee Litinger became a widow. She knows first-hand how to help you through this time of financial vulnerability.

Renee completed her Bachelor's Degree at Chatham College and earned joint degrees in business (MBA) and Social Work (MSW) from Columbia University. She is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has recently retired after almost 40 years in the Financial Services industry.

As an independent, non-affiliated financial organizer, Renee Litinger offers you an unbiased, fully personalized path ahead.

You can count on her financial expertise as well as her shared life experiences.

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Services Customized to Your Needs

Elementary Record Keeping

  • Interpret and explain financial materials / statements

  • Organize financial files (monthly, as well as tax time)

  • Establish electronic monthly bill paying capability

  • Develop bill paying schedule

  • Monitor monthly spending plan


Fundamental Financial Management

  • In conjunction with other financial professionals: Determine your net worth and establish financial goals

  • Develop monthly spending plan


Guidance, Advocacy and Referral

Accompany and / or assist with:

  • Social Security (documentation requirements)

  • Investment needs, including jointly-owner securities and new investments

  • Interpretation of all documents / items discussed during meetings with other professionals



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